Meet The Team

Mission: To support individuals with disabilities in reaching their goal to participate meaningfully in competitive, community employment.
Vision: All people living, working, learning and playing in a community based on abilities, not disabilities.

Cynthia Tierney

Director, County Coordinator

As the director of Asotin County Community Services (ACCS), I am pleased to introduce you to our fabulous team. We represent three diverse community services departments including Birth to Three, Prevention, and Employment. We share strong values, believing in equal opportunity for all individuals whatever their abilities, and we are passionate about providing the supports needed so our customers can meet their goals. ACCS has been around since 1973, with the mission to enrich individual lives. We are guided by the vision that one day all people will work, play and interact in a community based on abilities, not disabilities. We hope you will think of us when you are seeking work, or looking for competent, reliable employees, or needing a developmental screening for your young child, or seeking support for your teen struggling with all the complex pressures of the world today.

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