Mission: To support individuals with disabilities in reaching their goal to participate meaningfully in competitive, community employment.

Vision: All people living, working, learning and playing in a community based on abilities, not disabilities.


Since 1973 Asotin County Community Services (ACCS) has provided pathways to employment for people with disabilities. The job search is led by the job seeker based on the individual’s aptitude and abilities, with the goal of finding the best employee/employer match.

In Asotin County supported employment services are mainly funded through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

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The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) helps adults with disabilities find and secure stable employment. DVR services are not long-term. Their purpose is to provide the necessary tools and assistance for initial job placement and (if needed) to aid transition to long-term supports outside DVR (such as DDA).

Services may include: counseling & guidance; trial work experience; community-based assessment; benefits planning; assistive technology; job-related services such as completing applications, developing a resume, practicing interview skills, conducting a job search, gaining job skills; and transition to DDA long-term supports.

The Role of DVR in High School Transition

DVR partners with school districts to help students receiving high school transition services prepare for and find employment.

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) provides long-term employment/day services to eligible individuals age 21 and over. Services may include:

  • Individual Supported Employment: discovery (identifying interests, strengths, needs), assessment, job preparation, job placement & coaching;

  • Group Supported Employment: supervised employment for groups of no more than 8 workers with disabilities in the same setting;

  • Community Inclusion: participation in activities that promote individualized skill development, independent living and community integration.

It’s important to find out, prior to exiting the school system, how to apply for these services (and if funding will be available).

Although DDA does not provide employment services until age 21, other home & community-based services may be available. Visit the DDA website for a full list of services.

FCS is also referred to as Initiative 3 of the Healthier Washington Medicaid Transformation. FCS helps our most vulnerable beneficiaries get and keep stable housing and employment, in support of their broader health needs. Local providers of supported employment include ACCS and Qualify Behavioral Health (QBH).  QBH also offers housing supports through FCS. Call QBH at 509-758-3341.

Who is eligible for Foundation Community Supports?

  • Individuals who qualify for Medicaid

  • Individuals who meet the requirements for complex needs including traumatic brain injuries, chronic homelessness, diagnosis of disability after age 18, enrolled in the state housing and essential needs (HEN) or aged, blind or disabled (ABD) program, single mental health diagnosis

ACCS is working with individuals referred by FCS right now! For more information call Eric at (509) 758-8349

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