Let's Walk Roll Safely Survey

We are collecting information to help us formulate an education campaign for a safer Bridge Street and Diagonal Street corridor for people walking, running, biking, and rolling. If you can spare a few minutes, we greatly appreciate your input.

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Asotin County Community Services announces the launch of the Let’s Walk and Roll Safely project!  This safety enhancement project is sponsored by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission to raise awareness of truly dangerous conditions for pedestrians who need to cross busy, open roadways along the Bridge Street Corridor.

 The City of Clarkston has a resident population of around 7,400 people; its daytime population increases to several times that number. Traffic county studies show that about 18,000 vehicles daily cross from Idaho into Clarkston, WA, directly flowing into the affected service area.

Along with Asotin County Community Services, this high traffic zone with a transit transfer area is home to popular destinations including the Department of Social and Human Services, Interlink, the Valley Community Center, Walgreens, Walmart, Starbucks, Costco, Papa John’s, Postal and Copy and St. Vincent DePaul. At certain times of the day, and especially during the holiday season, agency and retail staff witness harrowing near misses as pedestrians attempt to utilize the crosswalks across busy intersections with drivers very often not even slowing down as they approach. There is critical need to educate drivers on the necessity of yielding to pedestrians.

The scope of work of the project includes 10 activities that will promote the goal of safety and raise awareness of increased pedestrian/auto pressure on the Bridge Street Corridor.

The debut event was the Chamber of Commerce’s lighted Christmas Parade. Program participants and staff built an attractive float with an emphasis on pedestrian safety. One participant who followed the float on a wheelchair remarked that she’d never seen so many people smiling and waving at her. What a difference it would make to pedestrians if drivers stopped, smiled and waved every pedestrian through the many crosswalks lining the corridor.


Project partners include City of Clarkston Police Department, Asotin County, Clarkston Public Works Department and the Lewis-Clark Metropolitan Planning Organization. 

Our first project meeting took place at 8:15 a.m. on December 15. 

If you would like to be involved, contact Cynthia Tierney at 509-758-8349 or email at ctierney@co.asotin.wa.us .

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