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Look Out Asotin County is teaming up with the Asotin County Library this summer for the Summer Reading Program. We’re creating a Traffic Garden for kids to be able to practice their pedestrian and bike safety skills. 

Traffic gardens offer children the ability to practice navigating roadways in an environment where they are able to make mistakes without being at risk for major injury. It helps them develop a useful transportation skill, which they can and will use for the rest of their lives.

We are also planning to have several summer reading books available. Follow us on social media for more details!

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Children

  • Young children should never cross the street without an adult.
    Supervise your child closely.
  • Hold your child’s hand when walking along the street or in parking lots.
  • Set an example for safe pedestrian behavior. Young children learn by watching adults.
  • Be a positive role model by following (and teaching your child) these rules of the road:
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Stop, and look left, right and left again before entering a roadway.
  • Never run into the street; always cross at the crosswalk or corner. When crossing at an intersection, pedestrians should check for vehicles turning the corner.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk. If there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should walk facing traffic.
  • Make eye contact with drivers of stopped vehicles to be sure they are aware that you are crossing the street.
  • Talk to your child regularly about pedestrian safety and help him or her develop the habit of walking safely when he or she is young.
  • When dropping your child off from a vehicle, make sure he or she exits the vehicle on the right hand side onto the sidewalk or shoulder.
  • Find safe places away from traffic for your child to play.

Public Works Day Red Light, Green Light Crosswalk Safety Game

Red Light, Green Light Crosswalk Safety Game

Children can learn traffic safety while playing a fun game of Red Light, Green Light. During this game children will begin to associate traffic walk and don't walk lights helping establish safe pedestrian behaviors. Download the game sheet to begin playing in the classroom or at home. For ages 6 and up.

Safe Route Adventure Activity Sheet

Children and traffic are best kept apart but it's important to have safety discussions with your children so they are prepared when they are near roads and traffic. Download the activity sheet to interact with your child. It includes a Word Scramble, Word Hunt, and a Safe Route Adventure to safely map a walk to school.

This grant is sponsored by the Washington State Traffic Commission. If you would like to be involved, contact Cynthia Tierney at 509.758.8349 or by email.

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